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Bayou Bill Monster Cracker Ornament

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 Solid wood, hand-crafted, approximately 4-3/4” tall. Packaged in a full-color gift box.

Monster Crackers are holiday ornaments with a message. We’re a Brooklyn born entertainment brand that celebrates underrepresented groups not usually found in kid’s stories or on a Christmas tree. Who made the rule that Christmas stories have to be limited to reindeer, Santa and snowmen? And most of all, why are nutcrackers almost always soldier dudes? We’re changing things up! Monsters are awesome, they represent the outsiders, the marginalized, and anyone who has the courage to be yourself when you feel a little different”. Monster Crackers expand the presence of strong women, independent children, queer and non-binary role models and monsters throughout the holidays. They’re colorful, modern characters that blend traditional nutcracker forms with pop culture style. Monster Crackers are perfect for monster collectors, and people who love design.