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Vintage Mexican Handpainted Tonala Botijo Clay Water Jug

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A beautiful Antonio Solis style Tonala Botijo decorative Mexican clay water jug. Hand painnted with scenes of deer, plant life and water. A beautiful piece, perfect as a decorative art piece or to hold dried flowers. Made in Mexico. Estimated circa 1980's.

What is a Botijo? A botijo is an unglazed earthenware water jug that cools water by evaporation. They have two openings: a wide opening that is used to pour water into the jug, and a smaller drinking spout. After filling the botijo with water, it is left outdoors. The earthenware body of the botijo allows some of the water to evaporate, cooling the water inside. People drink the water directly from the botijo by holding it up and tilting it so the water pours through the drinking spout - but without touching the spout with their lips. - Information acquired from

Condition: Excellent vintage condition. 

Dimensions: 7.5"D x 11"H