Delivery FAQ

 When do deliveries normally happen?

  • Furniture delivery will typically happen within 7-14 business days, though sometimes it may be sooner or later.
  • Standard delivery times typically fall on Mondays or Tuesdays in the AM to early PM, depending on location and how many deliveries are scheduled for that day.

How will my delivery be scheduled?

  • You will receive communication via Text, to the cell number left at checkout, outlining the details of your delivery.
  • You will receive a text within 3 business days of purchase to confirm your availability to receive your item(s) during a 2 hour window on the next delivery date. Instructions to follow. 

 Does it cost more if I order multiple items to be delivered?

  • There is no additional fee for multiple items being delivered curbside at the same time. Please see below information regarding additional fees if you require assistance getting items up stairs/up in an elevator.

 What is standard base/curbside delivery?

  • Our "standard base/curbside delivery" means the item/s get delivered to the curb outside your home, or if requested, a ground level (no stairs) entryway. See below for additional fees if you require an item to be carried up stairs/in to an elevator.

 How much does it cost if I need you to carry an item in to my home for me?

  • There are additional fees if you require items to be carried up flights of stairs or up via an elevator. There is no additional fee for ground floor no stairs/elevator trip required.
  • Fee up per one flight: $10.
  • Fee per elevator trip up is $10.

What if my building requires a COI?

  • Please send a sample COI to minimum 5 business days before delivery date.